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In July of 2023 and after two layoffs in less than six months, I shared that I was #OpenToWork with LinkedIn.


My post got a little attention and since then, I've built a small but mighty "Super Hireable" community and created some free resources for fellow job seekers. These templates have been viewed over 2k times and even helped folks land jobs in an insanely tough job market.

You can check out "Super Hireable 2.0" by clicking here.


impressions *


countries represented


new followers


template views


languages available


"Super Hireable" posts shared

between both of my "Super Hireable" and "Visual Cover Letter" posts.

** folks were noticed for their new role through a "Super Hireable" post/visual cover letter.

Super Hireable Post

The response to my initial "Super Hireable" post resulted in:

  • 118k+ impressions

  • 1.5k+ followers

  • 1.2k+ reactions

  • 65+ Super Hireable posts shared on LinkedIn

  • 50+ informational interviews with fellow UX professionals

  • 1 contract UX role

  • 1 podcast episode

To support my fellow job seekers, I made free templates so that others can make their own "Super Hireable" post:

Blog Post

You can read my retrospective on this experience on UX Career Coach Amy Santee's blog by clicking here.​

Visual Cover Letter

Heavily inspired by my Super Hireable carousel, I thought another way I could stand out in my job search would be by creating a visual cover letter, highlighting why a potential employer should hire me for a specific role at their company. 

I shared the above example on LinkedIn, asking recruiters and hiring managers what they thought of this idea. The visual cover letter conversation and subsequent posts resulted in:


You can make your own visual cover letter with my Canva template by clicking here.

Super Hireable Posts

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